Renegades Raiding

Picking Your Toon

  • You may first select what toon, class, and role you would like to raid as in Battle for Azeroth when the pre-patch goes live.
  • Send a text or in-game mail to Nikki to inform her of your choice. Do NOT send a tell or RealID message, as that may be inadvertently missed. (Sorry!)
  • You may decide to change your mind until the first day you raid with the group. Once you have entered a raid with the guild, your choice will be considered final for that raid tier.
  • If you opt to change mains, you will be able to do so when the next raid tier opens, and will be required to have reasonable gear to step into the progression team.
  • If too many people want to play the same class or role (for example, six people want to be a Demon Hunter, four people want to tank, etc.), the officer core will make final decisions, based on a mix of the following three factors:
    • Seniority, or how long you've been in the raid group. If you are unsure of where you stand, in terms of seniority, feel free to send Nikki a tell, text, or in-game mail.
    • Consistency of role or fulfilling a role that is of high priority to the group. In other words, current healers will be given high priority in maintaining a healer role (even if you want to change to a different class). Similarly, DPS who would want to become healers or hybrids (as we currently have very few and will need many) would be granted similar priority.
    • When (how early) you contact Nikki to finalize your choice. Those who contact Nikki earlier will be granted higher priority.

Raid Schedule

  • We will be raiding on the first weekend after raids have opened.
  • We will be doing Normal difficulty fights for the first few weeks, in order to gain experience with the fights.
  • We will be doing Heroic difficulty fights as soon as the team is prepared for them.
  • The following are general guidelines for Normal and Heroic raiding in Battle for Azeroth:
    • All raids on Saturday and Sunday nights are required, so will count toward (and against) your attendance.
    • Only those who meet the guild gear requirements will be welcome to attend. (See the following section for information on raid gear requirements.)
    • You are required to reserve both your Normal and Heroic lockouts for the team.
    • We will be sitting people due to poor performance, in terms of either DPS (or HPS) or execution of mechanics, after a reasonable number of pulls have been attempted. If you are sat on a fight, you will be expected to stay in Discord, so that you can listen to any strategy changes that are being made. You will be brought back in as soon as the current boss has been killed.
    • If we get stuck, we may opt to extend a lockout, in order to access later bosses in the tier.

Requirements to Enter a Guild Raid

In order to enter a guild raid,

  • Your chosen raid toon must be max level. (This should likely go without saying.)
  • ALL pieces of gear must be of Heroic dungeon quality (ilvl 325) or higher. This includes the Heart of Azeroth neck, which will be leveled up using Artifact/Azerite Power.
  • You must have a gem in every socket that you have in your gear and an enchant on all appropriate pieces (rings and weapons). For dungeon blues, low-level enchants and gems are acceptable, although higher ones are encouraged.

In terms of how attendance will be handled in the weeks between Battle for Azeroth launch and when the raid opens, you are required to be online and working on your raid toon (NOT an alt) during the entire 3.5 hour raiding period on Saturday and Sunday until the two above criteria have been fulfilled. One or two short 5-10 minute AFK breaks are fine. If you are AFK-ing for extended periods of time (or are absent entirely), you will be marked as absent on that day. If you are present and working on your toon, you will be marked as present.

After you have completed the above criteria, if you are present during an entire 3.5 hour raid period (on your main or an alt), you will be given positive attendance credit. If you are absent after completing these criteria, you will be marked as neither present nor absent. (Essentially, it will be like the raid day didn't exist for you).

You will not be allowed to enter into guild raids without meeting these standards. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made due to scheduling limitations or being unable to get dungeon queues. If you choose to main-swap after Battle for Azeroth has officially launched (if the class and role you would like to swap to is still available), you will still be held to the above standards and will not be granted an exemption because of your choice to change your raid toon after launch.

Guild tanks and healers should ask in guild chat if other guildies (particularly DPS, who cannot fast-queue) would like to come to dungeon runs.

Remember to sign up for raids on the guild calendar. If you do not sign up on the calendar at least 12 hours in advance of pull time, you will accumulate a DOUBLE ABSENCE if absent, and a SINGLE ABSENCE if present.

Battle for Azeroth Attendance Policy

Blizzard has removed the Master Loot option in Battle for Azeroth. Since losing access to loot has been the penalty for sub-par raid attendance, the guild's policy on enforcing attendance will change, accordingly. In order to maintain a position on the raid team, you must maintain a rolling 6-month attendance percentage of 70% or higher if the guild is pursuing Heroics, and 80% or higher if the guild is pursuing Mythics. If your attendance percentage falls below the relevant threshold for 3 consecutive months, you will be removed from the raid roster.

Battle for Azeroth Raid Loot Rules

  • Nikki will be keeping track of BiS gear for all raid difficulties.
  • Once gear lists are publicized, you will be responsible for sending Nikki your anticipated BiS list for all gear slots. If no BiS list has been received, you will not be eligible to roll on tradeable loot that drops.
  • If you loot a BoE in raid, it must be traded to Nikki, who will offer the piece for roll, based on BiS lists.
  • Any loot that is tradeable must be traded to Nikki, who will offer the piece for roll, based on BiS lists. Providing a gear upgrade for a guild member will take priority over new transmog appearances. If the piece is not an upgrade for any raider, it will be offered back to the original owner of the piece for transmog, before offering to the rest of the raid for transmog.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Nikki directly! When you select your toon, class, and role for Battle for Azeroth, you will be required to agree to the content explained on this page, at which point, it will become binding.